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The Beyond the Borders project looks to embed the history of the Border Reivers and Hexham Old Gaol with a series of learning activities. This is through our Moodle site, and our educational packs.


Moodle is an online learning environment that allows users to take part in interactive activities designed to embed the knowledge of the topic, while building in functional skills including IT skills.

You can access the Moodle course at http://beyondtheborders.org.uk/moodle.

You will need to register an account. Doing so will send an email to your email account for verification purposes. If young people are taking part in this, they will need to use their parents’/guardians’ email address.

Once you have registered and logged in, click on the Beyond the Borders course to explore the fascinating history of the Border Reviers.



Education packs

We have a set of educational packs aged at students of primary school age. These packs cover History, Mathematics, English, Science and Music, all within the context of the Border Reivers and Hexham Old Gaol. The educational packs will be available to download from this page shortly.